In spite of my enthusiasm for beauty products, I’m not a make-up girl, so I never expected to be an eyelash extensions girl. However, despite my love for complexion-enhancing products (such as dewy highlighters, transparent foundations, and lovely peach blushes), I only wear mascara on special occasions (such as birthdays, business meetings, or weddings). It’s either Clinique Naturally Glossy in Brown or my go-to YSL Faux Cils tube when I’m “going big.”

As a result, booking eyelash extensions in advance of my own wedding was completely out of character for me. It was even more out of character for me to enjoy them so much. Three weeks prior to that, I had an appointment to “test them out.” The day before my travel (about a week before my wedding), and the day before my honeymoon, I returned twice in a month. An understatement such as obsession is required.

Using eyelash extensions has made me feel more glamorous than ever before, as I’ve learned from experience with them. It’s hard to stop playing once you start. The moment I stepped out of my most dramatic set’s second visit and saw myself in the mirror, I felt like Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra (note: I do not resemble her in the slightest). They do what no amount of thick or voluminous mascara can or will be able to do: they make you look awake and awakened. You’ve got the thickest, flutteriest, most flawlessly curled lashes that appear like they were given to you from birth. From root to tip, they are neatly tapered and free of clumps. And you’re like that all the time!

It was also a costly habit to get into, as they require a lot of upkeep and attention. Before you give them a shot, familiarise yourself with the following information.
eyelash extensions Newmarket
Attend your appointment with no makeup on.
This includes not using mascara and not curling your lashes. It’s difficult for the lash artist to put on the extensions if the lashes are curled because of the crease near the root. It won’t be a smooth-finish job, says Jessica Shin, owner of Flair Beauty & Lash Studio in New York City, where I get my extensions. Eye shadow, waterproof mascara, oil-based skin care, and eye cream are all things to stay away from when shaving your legs. Any object that could get in the way of the adhesive is best avoided. Shin suggests going to the gym and showering before working out if you must. “The adhesive has to dry completely before you can get them wet for 24 hours after the procedure.” Waterproof eye makeup should be avoided up to a week before to your consultation, says Blinkbar’s Tirzah Shirai. The product, she claims, “leaves an invisible film that prevents the lashes from truly attaching.”

This isn’t going to be a quick meeting.
Extensions for the eyelashes take a long time (up to two hours!) especially for refills because numerous current extensions must be removed and your lashes cleaned before a new set is applied. In addition, here’s something I learned from first-hand experience: You may want to skip the second latte because lying still will be a requirement. Before my first session, I had twitchy-eye syndrome, which made my lash artist really unhappy.

Custom-made extensions are the greatest.
As a result, the best lash extensions are also the most expensive and necessitate a consultation. Depending on the salon, prices might range from as little as $120 for the basics to as high as $300. All eyes are different and you should choose a set according on your eye shape, lash length and way of living. When it comes to curls and length, Shirai says they look different on various people. Most lash salons feature a menu to help you start a conversation and decide on the look you want to go for your eyelash extensions (from subtle and round to the boldest cat eyes). Shin suggested that the longest lashes go in the centre of my eyes (between a two and a three on her “Glam Scale”) instead of the ever-popular cat-eye shape to open them up even further because my eyes are round and have a tendency to sag at the outer corners.

If you have a consultation, you’ll know what type of material to get (the most popular are silk and faux mink; silk is shinier and has more pop, while mink is more fluttery and natural), length, and curl type to get (J has the slightest curve but ends up looking longer; C and D are the most flipped up), as well as how many lashes to get. The best lash artists, according to Shirai, also use a variety of lash lengths to create a naturally wispy appearance. According to Blinkbar, “any type we provide uses a minimum of four different lengths.”

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